Posted by Philo. Who else?

Bravenet offers a assortment of templates from a variety of authors. Some of them are pretty easy to work with, but others are a little misleading. This is not really Bravenet's fault. They are just distributing them. The fault lies with the originators, who distribute them the same way. However, since Bravenet is distributing them, they should be providing better instructions and tools to work with them.

First, what is a template? This page is an example of one of the easier to use templates. When you download it, you get a ZIP file that contains one HTML page, usually named "index.html", and a folder that contains ten images and a CSS file. I consider these to be "support" files and the number of images varies depending on the specific template. To create a multipage web site you simply make copies of the original HTML file, using different names. This template has five navigation menu links. If you were to use them "as is", you might make a page named "news.html", "downloads.html", "support.html" and "about.html". Of course, you are free to add to the menu and change it to say anything you want, just like I did. If you want 10 pages instead of 5, just make 10 copies and adjust the navigation menu in each one.

Philo's Changes

Posted by Philo. Yes, it's me again.

If you open up the HTML code for the main page in a text editor, you can see that the sections are pretty well marked. In it's original state, it provides you with some suggested structures for lists, quotes, tables, and forms. For this reason alone, it's a good idea to keep a unedited copy of the template around for reference. I have cut most of the coding suggestions out of this page. I don't particularly need them. But you can view it in it's original form on my web site, or in Bravenet's Template Gallery.

But I did a little more than just cut out unnecessary code. I customized the template for my particular needs. Some of the changes are not obvious, but most can be seen if you put the original template up next to this page. For a more complete list of my modifications, see my page on Template Editing.